What do we stock? What don’t we stock?

This classic Two Ronnies clip could have been made for Watsons of Inverurie!

We stock:

  • Fork handles
  • Four candles [in all different sizes and different quantities – we don’t just sell them in fours!
  • Sink plus
  • 13 amp plugs
  • We’ve even got saw tips and not just in frosty weather!
  • We sell hoes; hose and letter Os, even Ps in different styles and sizes but we don’t sell tins of peas although we can sell you peas to grow your own!
  • We have foot pumps and garden overshoes!

In fact we’ve got pretty much everything! Play the video below to get a glimpse of our extensive product range.

A very small selection of our product ranges can be seen below. We have extensive stock across DIY and hardware, tools and equipment, electrical and plumbing, garden centre and giftware. If you’re looking for something we, pretty much, have it all.

About Us

Routinely referred to as a hardware store but Watsons of Inverurie is much more than that. Watsons is the original family super store in Inverurie catering for all your household needs and serving the community since 1839!

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Sunday Closed

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